The great Indian Tamasha

The IMF calls india, a rising economy and star of Asia. A billionaire MP files on his personal jet to the UK after £1bn loan defaults . Crony capitalism has enabled another defaulter to stay in the UK forever, circumventing the judicial system.The fourth largest army in the world is used to build a stage for a Godman close to the PM. The national airline is so much in debt that we’ve stopped counting losses.The Tax dept sends a £1.4 bn Tax bill to Vodafone. India jumps 12 places in the doing business ranks.India creates 27 new billionaires while 410 farmers committed suicides unable to pay bank loans. Yet this great state will continue to progress fuelled by the perseverance of a 250 Mn middle class segment determined to transform their lives. Social inequality and racism will live amid low cost technology innovation and its export of world class HR assets. The largest democracy on the planet will continue to suffer from misguided policies of the ruling elite including its unelected political actors.