Trade4Free: Trade4Free tool will guide you through the process and help answer any questions you have regarding your product
Google Global Market Finder
US Industry and trade information
Exporting country guides-UKTI guides for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business overseas.
Export opportunities– UKTI list Opportunities in Romania
International treaties on trade and enterprise
Incorporated companies in the United Kingdom-Information on companies and limited liability partnerships incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Exporters and Importers in UK– These estimates, from the Annual Business Survey, show which businesses export and import by employment size, age and ownership.
Strategic export controls: Reports and data on export control licensing compiled by the export control organisation.
Import and export procedures– Customs declarations and documentation, dealing with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), using transit and processing systems, obtaining duty relief.
Market Research Checklist – UKTI resource on desk top research
Export Helpdesk– In just a few clicks companies can find the EU tariffs, requirements, preferential arrangements, quotas and statistics relating to imports from trade partner countries
The Cameron Hot Air Balloon factory in Bristol: This is an excellent interactive on-line case study of the Cameron Hot Air Balloon factory in Bristol, UK.|
The U.S. International Trade Commission (Commission) has developed the Data Analysis Tools (DATs) series which consists of two (2) Excel files.