Defining Global Strategy at the Firm Level

What is global strategy ?

An Interview with Tomas Hult on Global Strategy. 
Global strategy
, as defined in business terms, is an organization’s strategic guide to pursuing various geographic markets. It consists of the Global Business Environment in which Global corporations, Multinationals and other firms operate and the internationalisation strategies being deployed .Yet another aspect is that of the “going global‘ process and issues like creating value in the global supply chain.

Sumantra Ghosal‘s paper presents a conceptual framework encompassing a range of different issues relevant to global strategies. Global strategy should look at defining competitive advantage as defined in the article ‘How to Succeed in the New Global Reality

Some key aspects of the subject listed below. Clicking on each theme should lead to resources specific to the theme.

How Global Are We?
Importing and Exporting  Export licensing decisions
From Outsourcing to Global Collaboration: New Ways to Build Competitiveness
Global Strategies and the Multinational Corporation
Doing Business Profiles of markets
Learning to Love Diversity
Why Do Nations Trade? Absolute Advantage Comparative Advantage Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage
When to Go Global?
The globalization of business
Target Market Selection
Market Attractiveness


Examples of Global Strategy plans

Toyota’s Global Strategy
Nissan’s Global Strategy
Walmart’s Global Strategies
Cadillac Global Strategy


A list of Free Textbooks to help you understand the subject better is available too.