The Obama Encirclement of China

Has anyone seen any geopolitical connections with the US president’s visit and China-US relations?.Obama starts with India,and moves on to Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. The main reasons are economic if the Guardian is to be believed. However, if you were to look at the countries he visits, Indonesia has a GDP growth rate of 6.2%, India has 8.4%, South Korea has 6.1% and Japan has 2.8% growth rates respectively. the importance of these markets to the US economy, only Japan and South Korea matter in the top 10 trading nations.China and Canada are the top nations. One can argue here that Obama is seeking to diversify trade perhaps by offering the world’s third largest economy sops and also seeking to engage Indonesia as an emerging market.What if you were to see beyond this to China-US issues and its trade spats with the US including the currency wars, dollar denominated bonds, huge chunks of Federal reserve gilts and try to correlate this with the issues China has had with Japan and South Korea over territorial incursions as well as its constant rivalry with India? Do you see an Obama administration wishing to flex a China containment strategy by cozing up to China rivals? The enemy of an enemy is a friend, eh?