Globestrategy is curated by Suresh George, a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University where he manages the MSc in International Business Management. A selection of his writings can be seen on the BLOG@globestrategy and you can follow suresh on twitter @sureshgeorge

He has a PhD in Strategy from Coventry University along with Post Graduate Qualifications in International Business, Higher Education and Zoology. Having been educated in institutions across Kenya, Nigeria, India and the UK, Suresh brings a multi faceted, multi cultural perspective to his teaching.

Teaching interests, current and in the past have revolved around Global Strategy, Emerging Markets, International Business, Strategic management, Organisations and Strategy of firms.
Research Interests include his latest contribution on the role of the state in seeking resources- the RBV of the ‘state’ or RBS Framework. Whilst the role and operations of the firm has long been a primary focus of research in Strategic Management, analysis of the role and influence of the state with respect to firms has been relatively under-researched. Suresh developed the RBS Framework to explain the interdisciplinary interactions of the State, non- market resources, capabilities and institutional actors in furthering strategic intent and national interest.

A nascent interest in the third sector and the business of not- for-profit firms is also being developed as an interest.

He also maintains a very strong interest in Open access tools, digital literacy techniques for International Business and the reuse of OERs. His latest project has been creating a new post graduate course in less than 6 weeks from conception to approval and marketing. Other HE projects include development of a open learning resource for International Business (the GLOBESTRATEGY project).

Suresh is interested in colloborative research projects, Business Consultancy projects , External Examining, PhD Supervision and social interest projects

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