Government export control list

Government export control list

Export control list can determine market access and exports of good.   You can find the following resources useful.
1.UK Strategic Export Control Lists |The UK Strategic Export Control¹ Lists form the basis of determining whether any products, software or technology that you intend to export are ‘controlled’ and therefore require an export licence
2.OGEL and Goods Checker Tools |The Goods Checker helps to establish if your items are controlled and identify the appropriate control entry (‘rating’) reference from the UK Strategic Export Control Lists.
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) |A key in determining whether an export license is needed from the Department of Commerce is finding out if the item you intend to export has a specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)².
4. Canadian Export list | The Export Control List identifies specific goods and technology that are controlled for export from Canada to other countries, regardless of their means of delivery (including, for example, shipment of goods, electronic transfer or transmission of information.
5.Overview of U.S. Export Control System |
6. Hong Kong’s Control List |
7. German Export Control list |
8. New Zealand Export Control list |
9.Wassenaar Arrangement | The Wassenaar Arrangement³ has been established in order to contribute to regional and international security and stability, by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies, thus preventing destabilising accumulations.
10. Australia Export Control list |





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